Body Language

Whole Body Gestures
- Bowing: Why do we bow?
– Fidgeting: Fidgeting: Why do I fidget?
- Status:High status and low social body language: Why do I have high or low social status?

Head Gestures
- Head nod: Head nod: Why do I nod my head to say “yes”?
- Head shake: Head shake: Why do I shake my head to say “no”?

Facial expressions and gestures
- Eye movements: Why do people make certain eye movements?
- Winking: Why do we wink?

Hand Gestures
- Clapping in applause: Why do we clap?
- Finger wagging: Why do I wag my finger?
- Hands behind the back: Why do people place their hands behind their back?
- Holding hands: Why do romantic couples hold hands?
- Middle Finger Insult: Why do I give The Finger?
- Rubbing hands together: Why do people rub their hands e.g. baddies in films & salesmen

Gestures involving touching others
- The Back Pat: Why do we pat on the back?
- Holding hands: Why do romantic couples hold hands?

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