Body & Health

“Why Do I”s about your body and health:

Body chemicals:
- Why do I need melatonin?

Body odours
- Why do I have bad breath? And why do I particularly have bad breath in the morning?

Digestive System
Why do I feel tiredness after eating? (and what can I do about it?)
- Why does my stomach make noises? (and what can can I do about it?)
- Why do I poop?
- Why do I get butterflies in my stomach?

- Salt cravings: Why do I crave salt?

Energy levels
Why do I feel tiredness after eating?
- Why does my energy and well-being level change at specific times of the day? The Chinese Body Clock

- Why do I blush?
- Why do I get spots in certain places on my face and not others?

- Why do we get sleep in the eyes?
- Why do we have a little pink corner on the inside of the eye?
- Why do we get red eyes in photos?

- Why do I have big ears?

- Why do I get wrinkled fingertips in the bath? (or sometimes when not in the bath!)

- Why did my hair darken as I got older?
- Why does hair go grey with age?
- Why does hair turn grey prematurely?

Immune Health
- Why do I keep getting colds?

Nail Health
- Why do I have nail beading?

Nervous System Health:
- Why do I get butterflies in my stomach?
Why do I blush?

Sex-linked topics:
- Why do men have nipples?

Skin health:
- Why do we get liver spots? (or age spots), and what can we do about them?

Sleep-linked topics:

- Why do I need melatonin?

- Why do I need to go to the dentist?

- Why do I get cold hands and feet?

2 Responses to Body & Health

  1. Personal Trainer says:

    It’s nice to see every piece of high quality content you post on your blog.

  2. Eden Mansfield says:

    I’m wondering what happens inside when your heart “drops into your stomach”. Love these articles though; neat info

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