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Why people go on pilgrimages

Most of us have heard of people who have made religious pilgrimages but for those who are not particularly religious or those who know little about the details of a pilgrimage, the idea of what drives a person to walk … Continue reading

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Bindis: Why do Indians wear a red dot on their forehead?

Aside from beautiful saris and magnificent gold jewellery one of the most internationally famous body adornments worn by Indian women is the red dot on the forehead, the bindi. Travelling in India you might notice that these forehead decorations are … Continue reading

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Jewish New Year: What’s the meaning of Rosh Hashana and Rosh Hashana traditions?

When September rolls round you know the autumn is approaching, the beginning of the school year is near and for Jewish people, September means that Rosh Hashanah is soon to be upon them. What is Rosh Hashanah? “Rosh Hashanah” literally … Continue reading

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The Jewish Bread, Challah: Meaning of Challah and why do Jews Eat Challah?

One of the best things about Friday night for many Jews is the opportunity to revel in the delicious aroma and scrumptious sweet taste of the freshly baked special Jewish bread, challah, to mark the beginning of the traditional Friday … Continue reading

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