“Why Do I”s about how we think and feel:

- Why do I get angry? And how do I deal with anger?

- Why do I have high or low social status?
- Why is independence linked to confidence?

- Feeling Down: Why do I feel bad?

- Sexual Aversion & Sexual Inhibition: Why am I scared of sex?

- Why do I get jealous?

Human Needs
- Why do we need a sense of belonging?
- Mental stimulation: Why do I need mental stimulation?
- Holding hands: Why do romantic couples hold hands?

Personality traits
- Extroversion: Why am I an extrovert?
- Independence: Why do I need to be independent? and Why do I resist independence?
- Introversion: Why am I an introvert?
- Negativity / Pessimism: Why are people negative? and How to overcome negativity
- Perfectionism: Why do I want to be perfect? and How to over come perfectionism

Likes & Dislikes
- Why do I like the music that I like?
- Why do I feel drawn to certain symbols? and why do I collect what I collect?
- Why do people dislike me? Discussing the causes of social rejection
- Favorite Colors
….. o Why do I like the color red?
….. o
Why do I like the color orange?

    Dealing with difficult times
    - Shunning and Social Rejection: Why do people socially reject others?

    Jobs people choose for themselves:
    - Why do people join the army?
    - Why write a novel?

    Behaviour in Unusual Circumstances
    - Why do I become star struck?

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