Favourite colors: Why do I like the color orange? (or why do I hate orange?)

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Orange is one of the least liked colors in existence. What makes you like the color orange or hate it? According to the ancient Indian Chakra Theory, loving or hating the color orange are two sides of the same coin. Both indicate issues concerning the sacral chakra.

So what do issues with the sacral chakra say about a person? Listed below are some of the positive aspects associated with the color orange and the sacral chakra, although note that strong feelings about this color could also demonstrate the exact opposites of the qualities described below.

  • Either you’re an energetic person or you feel you need more energy:
    Like the color red, orange is a warm color linked to heat and fire; both sources of high energy. Being drawn towards the color orange may indicate a need for more energy in your life. It may be that your energy levels are already high and you resonate with vibrant orange hues for this reason, or it may be that your energy is low and you crave more energy that you can feel being exuded by the color orange. According to color therapy, wearing orange colored clothes can help increase energy levels. For similar reasons the color orange is said to be great for helping you come up with creative ways to raise yourself out of states of low energy brought on by boredom.
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  • Creative:
    One of the key qualities of the orange sacral chakra is creativity. People drawn to the color orange may identify with the creative vibes it sends off either because they themselves are very creative people, or are longing to unlock their latent creativity. Color therapy suggests that having more orange in your life can help you awaken your creativity. When people feel inspired by a beautiful orange sunset or sunrise, this may partly be due to creativity being awakened by the orange colors. For this reason these orange-lit times of day may be particularly conducive to creative ideas and thoughts.
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  • Curious:  Orange is the color of the sacral chakra whose energy is all about playful exploration: the essence of curiosity. People who like orange are more likely to get stuck into discovering new things, even if it gets their hands dirty. The playfulness may also be exhibited as a good sense of humor in some, and color therapists suggest that wearing some orange can add a touch of playfulness to the impression you leave on people.
  • Sensation dominant:
    Not everyone is particularly aware of their senses, but people who feel strongly about the color orange are more likely to be in touch with their sensation function. Again, this links to the sacral chakra, which has a toddler energy about it where a person gains great pleasure and wonder from smells, tastes, the feel of things and generally using their senses. They may have hobbies that utilize their senses like modelling clay, wine tasting, painting or photography. On the downside, when unbalanced, orange color fans may find that their love of sensations like taste can also lead to excessive eating and a tendency to overindulge in pleasurable things.
  • Sensual and good at creating intimacy:
    People who like the color orange may be particularly sensual people because the orange is the color of the sexual sacral chakra. On a related note, orange is quite a social color, good at encouraging intimacy between friends, so liking orange may indicate an affinity for creating intimacy in your life.
  • In tune with your body and your emotions: People who are sensation dominant are also more likely to be more in tune with their body, with gut feelings and instincts. Orange-color fans also tend to be more in touch with their emotions, with feelings of passion, enthusiasm and joy. Sometimes, an intense like or dislike of the color orange may indicate extremes of emotional sensitivity. There can be either difficulty with feeling emotions, or excessive emotions overflowing from you. In color therapy the color orange can help to balance these unbalanced states.
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  • Go with the flow:
    Chakra theory associates the orange colored chakra with good flow. In fact the Element associated with this chakra is flowing water. This makes orange-sacral-chakra-dominant people more likely to flow past stumbling blocks, move swiftly on from problems and adapt well to whatever life throws at them. People who have difficulty going with the flow could benefit from having more orange in their lives according to color therapy.
  • Enjoy travelling and exploring:
    Having an affinity for the sacral chakra’s orange color gives you increased chances of having the quality of going with the flow together with curiosity, and these together can give a person a travel-loving spirit.
  • Possible Physical implications:
    People who feel strongly about the color orange, particularly those who loathe it, could have sacral chakra physical issues which include: back pain, reproductive disorders (ranging from menstrual disorders and PCOS to infertility and low libido), constipation, sciatica, body fluid balance issues, kidney issues, problems with addictions and excessive behaviors.
    In Traditional Chinese Medicine it may indicate a tendency towards Spleen issues (NB This is not the same as the Western concept of the spleen).

All the qualities described above may be experienced in the negative state in people with strong feelings about the color orange who have sacral chakra imbalances. It is not uncommon to have a person who loathes the color orange and also has low energy, creative blocks, issues with creating intimacy and an aversion to exploration. Usually people exhibit a mix of positive and negative traits for a certain color chakra, but people with extreme reactions to a color are likely to have a higher number of traits in the positive or negative.

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Disclaimer: This article is representing ideas from color therapy and chakra theory and not the author’s thoughts or opinions.

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