Favourite colors: Why do I like the color red?

I believe that in life, when we’re drawn to certain things, like particular colors, this isn’t random. I believe it happens for a reason.  In exploration of this topic, I’ve looked into color therapy and the ancient Indian scriptures that discuss chakra colors.

If your favorite color is red, what kind of things can it say about you?

  • A love of excitement:
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    Whilst some people prefer a quiet, peaceful life, others want a life of thrills. The color red is associated with high energy, activity, speed and excitement. Why this connection? It may be linked to the fact that when we’re excited, it can make us flush red. Faces tend to turn an attractive shade of beetroot as our blood vessels pump blood to our head to provide the brain with nutrients so that you can have your wits about you. Why is this important? Because exciting situations are often interpreted by the body as life-or-death situations. This isn’t too surprising considering that excitement can often mean situations like sky-diving, mountain-climbing, white-water-rafting, car racing, exploring new lands and the likes. Considering the link with a need for thrills and the color red, perhaps it’s not a coincidence that one of the favorite colors of race car drivers is the color red.

  • An admiration of high speed:
    In a similar vein to an affiliation for excitement is a desire for high speed. These are tendencies to enjoy learning things quickly, love fast-paced sports and liking fast-paced movies and video games (like war-type combat games). You may also particularly respect others if they are fast-thinking or fast-acting like certain sportsmen. People who aren’t fast-paced themselves but yearn to be may also like the color red.
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  • A love of danger:
    When a warning light flashes at us, is it usually red. What is the connection of red with danger? It may link to red being the color of fire and intense heat which was one of the most basic dangers our prehistoric ancestors would have encountered. A love of red could therefore indicate a love of adrenaline-pumping activities and of living on the edge.
  • Either you’re an energetic person or you feel you need more energy:
    Red is the color of heat and fire; both sources of energy. If you like the color red it could indicate a particularly strong role of energy in your life. Either it may be extremely high and you identify with red because it’s close to your temperament, or your energy is extremely low and you like red because of its unspoken promises of being able to give off some of its intense energy.
    NB. According to color therapy, wearing red colored clothes can help those with low energy to feel more energized and energetic.
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  • Either a strong desire for intense emotions, or often feeling intense emotions:
    Some people aren’t very connected to their feelings whilst other people are. People who love the color red may be at either end of the extremes because the color red is the color of strong emotions including passion, love, sexual attraction and anger. People who feel these strong emotions frequently may identify with the color red as fitting their personality, whilst people who lack these strong emotions but desire to feel them may like the color red because they aspire to experience the feelings linked to this color.
  • Either being particularly bold and confident, or aspiring to this:
    Red is a color that stands out boldly from other colors. People who like the color red and wear it transmit the message that they are not afraid to be seen; not afraid to be the center of attention. This in itself is a declaration of a high level of confidence. People who do like the color red but don’t wear it could be aspiring to have greater confidence.
  • A love of warmth:
    Red is the color of heat and fire. Some people prefer warmth whilst others prefer cooler weather. Perhaps liking red increases the chance that you’re one of those who prefer more summery days. The warmth of a campfire in ancient times was a source of comfort, security and aid to survival.
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  • A strong preoccupation with the need to survive:
    In ancient Indian scriptures, the color red is the color of the base chakra, which is the main energetic center in the body linked to our drive to survive. You may be thinking: “Everyone wants to survive! How is a strong need to survive something special in someone whose favorite color is red?” Some people are more preoccupied with survival needs than others. I’m talking about the people who think a lot about food, shelter, money (the means to survival), and similar things. Amongst their biggest fears are around threats to their survival. This can include a fear of loss of control, because control enables us to look out for our survival without relying on others. Not everyone is preoccupied with these issues to such a great extent.
  • Competitive:
    People who like the color red may be more competitive than others. This is linked to the color red’s association with survival which involves the ultimate competition: The survival of the fittest.
  • A tendency to be more spontaneous or an admiration of spontaneity:
    We’ve already discussed the link of the color red with survival. Survival is all about immediate instinctual responses which is where spontaneity and impulsiveness can be useful.  People who like the color red may find they admire the quality of spontaneity in others or in themselves.
  • Very real and practical:
    According to ancient Indian scriptures, the color red is related to being very grounded, practical and realistic. People who like the color red may be more likely to have these traits. Alternatively people who like the color red may be the extreme opposite of realistic and practical therefore they may crave “redness” which is actually craving to balance the red chakra (the base chakra). Wearing red can help ground you, activating your more realistic, practical side.

Do you agree with these suggestions to what it can mean about you if you like the color red? Feel free to discuss in the comments below!

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