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Easter Etymology: Why is Easter called Easter?

When we looked at the origins of Christmas traditions, we discovered that some Christian traditions have pagan origins. So perhaps it is not too surprising that Christian and pagan elements also blended together to create the celebration of Easter. In … Continue reading

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British Money: Who are the people on UK Bank Notes?

Say, why do I see these people on English banknotes? Since the 1960s, the Bank of England has been printing significant people from British history on the official British banknotes. Most of us handle bank notes every day, but if … Continue reading

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Why write a novel?

When you talk to people about their dreams or about their bucket list, a very common one you’ll hear is: “I want to write a book one day”. Your average person who has this dream knows that they want to … Continue reading

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Why do Chinese use Chopsticks?

Ever wondered why you’re presented with chopsticks rather than a knife and fork at Chinese restaurants and in traditional Chinese households?

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Crown History: Why does the Queen wear a crown?

Have you ever wondered why the Queen wears a crown? Would you be surprised to hear it has a religious origin?

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GR and ER Post Box: What does it mean?

If you live in the United Kingdom or have recently visited, you may have noticed that British red post boxes have some writing on them. There are two most common post boxes that can be categorized by their embossed writing: … Continue reading

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Why do Italians wear blue soccer shirts?

Every time the World Cup or Euro Cup soccer is on, I find myself wondering why the Italian football shirts are blue. Common sense dictates that it should be green, white or red like the flag – so where did … Continue reading

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Why tennis players wear white

Since the late 1800s when the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club was founded there has been a strict dress code: competitors in their Tennis Championship games could wear any color… as long as it was white! But every time I watch … Continue reading

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Symbols of Christmas: The Story of Christmas Lights

One of the prettiest things that can be seen in the Christmas season is the beautiful array of lights adorning trees, street lamps and streaming across the top of homes. Christmas lights have evolved a lot over time and they … Continue reading

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Nando’s Chicken and the Portuguese Rooster

Why is there the Portuguese tradition of decorating things with good luck roosters?

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