Why do I have big ears?

Prince Charles, “Made in Chelsea” star Ollie Locke, actresses Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Katie Holmes, YouTuber ijustine and politician Tony Blair all have one thing in common: they have all been endowed with healthy sized ears! So if you find yourself lamenting the size of your ears, you are not only in good company, but also have something in common with some of the best-looking celebrities in the world today. But why do people have big ears anyway?

Conventional thought on why I have big ears: It’s all down to genetics

Katie Holmes

Most people will tell you that the size of your ears is mostly attributed to your genes. If your parents, grandparents and extended family have big ears, it is likely that you will too. This can be clearly seen in the example of Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise.

Less conventional thought: Traditional Chinese Medicine’s take on why I have big ears:

The Ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) incorporates the study of Face Reading, and according to this, the size of your ears are determined by how much “Jing” you have. And the more Jing you have, the better!

What is this Jing?
Jing is believed to be the “life energy”. The theory is that as long as we have Jing we have life, and once we use it all up, we die.

TCM teaches that we are all born with a certain amount of Jing and some are born with more than others. The more Jing you have, the more life energy and strength you have. If you look at videos by YouTuber ijustine, who is famous for her impromptu dancing escapades in Apple stores around the world, it is evident that she has heaps of Jing and life energy:

In other words, being born with abundant Jing gives you a strong constitution and this improves your chances of having a longer life span. No wonder Mickey Mouse is looking so healthy in his 80′s! ;) If you look at pictures of centenarians, you’ll find that almost all of them have exceptionally large ears. According to TCM this is not only because ears grow with age, but also because often these people had larger ears to start off with.

Why does Jing manifest in ear size?

Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer Arriving at Buckingham Palace July 1981

TCM tells us that Jing is stored in the Kidneys, and according to Chinese anatomy (which is very different from Western anatomy), the Kidneys are strongly connected to the ears. Theoretically the more Jing you have stored in your Kidneys at birth, the larger your ears will be throughout your life.

What determines how much Jing you’ll have at birth?
This depends on many things including the age and health of your parents when they conceived you and the conditions surrounding your growth as a foetus.

So what does TCM say about my big ears?
TCM basically teaches that if you have big ears, display them with pride, because it signifies your strength!

It should be noted though that being born with high levels of Jing does not make a person invincible. Mistreating your body with unhealthy foods and beverages, drugs, smoking, pollution, stress, overwork, lack of sleep and negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors, all use up Jing. Even if you are born with abundant supplies of Jing, you may still use it up quickly if you live a lifestyle that drains Jing speedily.

Tony Robbins

A little note for small-eared readers:
If you have small ears and are worried that you haven’t been born with a lot of Jing, worry not. Although small ears are associated with lower amounts of Jing at birth, as long as you live in ways that conserve Jing, small-eared folk can conserve their health and strength, and can live long healthy lives. Amongst centenarians you can still find some with smaller ears. In fact, the smallness of your ears can play a part in maintaining your health: Small-eared people tend to be more interested in health and wellness related issues because they are more prone to feeling the effects of little deviations from a “healthy lifestyle” on their bodies. Large-eared people have a tendency to be less in-tune with how their body is feeling, because it takes a lot more to “shake” their body into feeling that something is wrong.

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