Why do I collect angels?

I believe that you are drawn to collecting things that symbolize parts of yourself.

So what does collecting angels say about you?

  • As angels represent beings with great strength, intelligence, kindness, compassion, love and holiness. Your love of them may show you admire perfection in such realms.
  • Angels often represent all that is good and pure. Someone who loves angels is far more likely to admire and aspire to these qualities of goodness and purity.
  • Angels are enlightened beings. They may represent your desire for enlightenment and self-realization.
  • As they are spiritual beings, a love of angels may reveal a spiritual side of you which has faith in a relationship with God.
  • Angels are known to protect and guide people. They are of service in almost any capacity that is required. People who are drawn to angels may take comfort in feeling that there may be spiritual beings out there looking out for them.

Is this accurate for you? Feel free to leave a comment sharing what you think it says about you.

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