Why do I collect birds?

I believe that you are drawn to collecting things that symbolize parts of yourself.

So what does collecting birds say about you?

  • Birds with their ability to fly in the open air often represent freedom. You may desire freedom above other things if you love this nature of the bird.
  • Their position which is often in the heavens is often also linked with spirituality.
  • If you admire birds that can fly to great heights, it could also symbolize a person’s ambition.
  • The type of bird you’re drawn to is also meaningful. People who are drawn to a powerful bird like an eagle may strive for being powerful and strong themselves. Someone who admires a little bird like a robin red-breast may be revealing a more  gentle, and even vulnerable side. A bird like the peacock is a whole different story: it’s showy and proud and likes to show off it’s beauty.

Is this accurate for you? Feel free to leave a comment sharing what you think it says about you.

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