Why do I love dragons?

I believe that you are drawn to liking things that symbolize parts of yourself.

So what does a love of dragons say about you?

  • Dragons are a clear sign of power and strength which you may admire and strive for if you are drawn to these creatures.
  • Dragons are also majestic and noble.
  • There is a tie between dragons and their potential fury as they breathe fire at anything they dislike. Perhaps a dragon fan would identify with feeling a little aggressive at times when it’d be quite welcome to be able to breathe fire at things once in a while! And perhaps it means they are more tolerant to this quality in others.

Is this accurate for you? Feel free to leave a comment sharing what you think it says about you.

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11 Responses to Why do I love dragons?

  1. Brian says:

    I’ve felt a strong connection to dragons since I was fourteen-years-old, I fell in love with them instantly—just everything about them I found fascinating. I am nineteen-years-old now and I still love them, even more than I used to, I’m even making artwork depicting dragons because I love them so much—it has to do with Totemism as well, the dragon being my animal totem.

  2. Lior says:

    Interesting! Cultural connections with dragons through Totemism. I guess the same could possibly apply to people born in the Year of the Dragon according to Chinese horoscopes.

  3. 3lys5a says:

    I’ve adored these majestic beasts since i was five years old. I watched a T.V show called Dragon Tales at that age, thats when i fell in love. As i got older i played video games like Spyro and such. Now im fourteen and loving dragons even more. What I admired about them is they’re ability of flight and how strong and majestic they are. In the near future I plan on becoming a combat pilot so i could take part in flight, too. ;)

  4. jacob says:

    i loved dragons sins i was 6 & i didnt no y im 12 now & i still don’t no y.

    have u gyes ever been 2 frezno?

    i mostly love Night Fury

  5. Johnnie Anstey says:

    hey admin, I ran across this blog from ask.com and read a number of your many other pages. They are brilliant. Pleasee keep them coming… Sincerely,

  6. DragonLin says:


  7. SMLJRON says:

    Everybody I know seems to have an obsession with some kind of animal, like unicorns, narwhals, or chinchillas. Me, I’m obsessed with dragons, and ever since Skyrim came out, i like them even more.

  8. June says:

    I’m 60 yrs old and last year I finally got my dragon tattoo…I love dragons. I play the dragon slot machines at the casino and always win on them. I can’t remember how long I loved them.

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