Why do I love castles?

I believe that you are drawn to liking things that symbolize parts of yourself.

So what does a love of castles say about you?

  • Castles represent luxurious lives of the royal and wealthy. A love of castles may represent a dream of reaching similar levels of luxury in your own life.
  • Power and strength are also related with castles so these may also be qualities you particularly admire if you are a castle fan.
  • Castles are also places of protection and safety. Like a fort, they can be far more difficult to attack and tear down than a conventional house. A strong attraction to castles may therefore be a symbol of a strong desire for safety.

Is this accurate for you? Feel free to leave a comment sharing what you think it says about you.

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One Response to Why do I love castles?

  1. Binder says:

    An excellent (short and sweet) post and excellent blog. Thanks Lior !!!

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