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Am I a perfectionist? And if I am, just how much of a perfectionist am I?

1. I have a strong sense of right and wrong.

2. It often feels as if I am living with a judge inside my head.

3. Visiting a friend’s place, you notice the place is incredibly messy. Does this bother you?

4. My standards and expectations are higher than other people’s.

5. How do you feel about mistakes?

6. How would you feel if you got 97% on an exam?

7. How long do you spend tweaking and adjusting a report before handing it in?

8. How long does it take you to dress up for a night out?

9. You have to wear a shirt to a relative's wedding but it's wrinkled. What do you do?

10. You blow your nose at a party and accidentally let out a fart. Everyone around you laughs. How long before you get over the embarrassment?

11. I have a long list of traits I'd like in an ideal partner:

12. I often find myself disappointed with other people for not meeting my expectations:

13. “It’s so hard to find good help these days”.

14. “When you want a job done right do it yourself”

15. Keeping things organized and neat is important to me.

16. I like to be competent in everything I do.

17. How do you react to constructive criticism?

18. When people buy you gifts, how easy are you to please?

19. I get impatient with people when they act incompetent or lazy

20. You go to a new hobby class and find you’re really bad at it. How do you feel?

21. I’m really good at finding the plot holes and spotting anachronisms in movies/ books.

22. Spelling and grammar mistakes bother me. A lot.

23. How critical are you, if you’re being honest?

24. The more competent you are the more respect you deserve.

25. I always try my hardest in everything I do.

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  1. Thomas Pizzey says:

    it a real good test

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