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Have you ever wondered: “Am I an introvert? Or am I an extrovert?”
Take this introvert/ extrovert quiz and wonder no more! Onward ho!

1. What are your favourite topics of discussion with friends?

2. Pick the option which is the best representation of your hobbies:

3. Loud music is…

4. You come up with your best ideas, realizations and epiphanies when…

5. You find that getting work done in a noisy environment is:

6. I enjoy examining my own behaviour and feelings:

7. How often do you go out with friends outside of work/ school?

8. Going for a walk or drive somewhere by yourself is...

9. When chatting with new people, what role do you find yourself in usually?

10. Whenever you wonder about something, your instinct is to...

11. If you do something embarrassing, you usually:

12. To get work done, I work best:

13. When someone is watching me work I feel:

14. In school, what was your social interaction with classmates like?

15. How do you feel about having some quiet time?

16. Which of these is closest to describing your feeling when you find out that your friend's birthday party is going to be a clubbing night?

17. After spending a long day in non-stop interaction with people you like, you feel...

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17 Responses to The Introvert Extrovert Test

  1. Beth Mcneill says:

    Loving this quiz!

    • Chris G says:

      I love this quiz too!!! I find it to be a very good way to analyze how you are really thinking or acting in certain situations.

  2. Frank C. Terrell says:

    woop woop! introverts ftw!

  3. amanda says:

    I go 16/17 introvert points O_O

  4. Ebony says:

    Introvert 14 out of 17 points………Wow

  5. Abbey says:

    I scored 17/17. I guess this is really true. I am pretty reserved.

  6. Eat me. says:

    WOO YEAH. 12/17

  7. K says:

    11/17 Introvert Points. I’m pretty happy there!

  8. Introvert says:

    Thank you so much for this test , it only confirmed more of what I thought about my own introvert self. Very well done test and questions!

  9. Forever Bibliophile says:

    16/17 introvert points! (very satisfied)

  10. Shauna Anderson says:

    Thanks! That was fun. Sincerely, Shauna Anderson

  11. Stepwall says:

    17 points out of 17.
    Whoa, my case is severe…

  12. taylor says:

    6/17points……….. totally me!!!

  13. Emmanuel Davidov says:

    I got 17/17, i guess i dont like people.

  14. Grant says:

    Sees his score
    Feels happiness then goes back to his homework in his quiet room because he doesn’t like other people making noise while he works.

  15. Chris G says:

    Introverts all the way!!!

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