Jealousy Quiz: How jealous are you?

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How jealous are you? Take this jealousy quiz to find out!

1. Your friend tells you they won a sizeable amount in the lottery. How do you feel?

2. Your partner tells you they have a crush on a celebrity. How do you feel?

3. I have to put on a happy face when others tell me their good news:

4. I feel it's unfair that some people get all the luck.

5. Your friend gets the job that you both applied for. You really wanted it. How do you feel?

6. You've been unlucky with love and haven't yet found the love of your life. Your best friend has just had a wonderful date and gushes to you that they think this is something special. It may even be "the one". How do you feel?

7. Your colleague gets flowers delivered to her desk. You've *never* had gifts delivered to your desk. How do you feel?

8. You’re at a party where everyone seems to be a lot better dressed than you. You feel:

9. You visit your friend's home for the first time and are surprised by how large, beautiful and plush it is. How do you feel?

10. Optimistic, happy and bubbly people annoy me.

11. A colleague at work just got a new phone; the same phone you’ve had your eye on but can’t afford at the moment. How do you feel?

12. That friend from question 6 has been spending a lot of time with the new love in their life which means a lot less time with you. How do you feel about it?

13. Your partner is still friends with his/her ex. Whenever they go out to dinner together you feel...

14. You notice someone in the street look your partner up and down admiringly. You feel:

15. You’re at a wedding with your partner. You don’t feel like dancing but they do, so they go off and dance with other people there. How do you feel?

16. The new person in your office / class is of the same gender as you and is incredibly attractive. Which of these are closest to your thoughts?

17. I’ve been called jealous by others before.

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2 Responses to Jealousy Quiz: How jealous are you?

  1. Kenda Maria says:

    haha green eyed monster

  2. K says:

    3 points?! I wasn’t trying to fudge on any of the answers, but I didn’t really consider myself a saint.. Lol

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