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Jack cards: Why are Jacks called Jacks?

Have you ever played cards and suddenly wondered why we call the Jack cards Jacks? It seems a bit strange and out of place considering the other picture cards are a King and a Queen. Why not call it a … Continue reading

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Smart Alec Origin: Why do we say someone’s a Smart Alec?

We’ve all known Smart Alecs in our time. And most of us have been Smart Alecs at least once in our lives too! It’s those moments when you take joy in sharing something clever you’ve learned and inadvertently come off … Continue reading

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By the seat of your pants: Why do I say that I fly by the seat of my pants?

Whether we’re going into an exam or a meeting unprepared, or whether we are blagging our way through a conversation where we’re trying to seem knowledgeable about a subject we haven’t studied in great depth, we know we’re flying by … Continue reading

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Get your Goat Origin: Why do we say someone has got your goat?

You know someone has got your goat when your face starts to resemble a beetroot and steam threatens to come out your ears as you feel anger and annoyance seething within… But what has getting angry really got to do … Continue reading

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Square meal origin and meaning: Why do we say square meal?

Unless you count things like cubed watermelons, few of the foods we eat are actually square shaped. So then why do we sometimes call a nourishing and wholesome meal a “square meal”?

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Bindis: Why do Indians wear a red dot on their forehead?

Aside from beautiful saris and magnificent gold jewellery one of the most internationally famous body adornments worn by Indian women is the red dot on the forehead, the bindi. Travelling in India you might notice that these forehead decorations are … Continue reading

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History of the Cowboy Hat: Why do Cowboys Wear Hats?

Ever asked yourself: “Why do cowboys wear hats?”. Here’s a brief history of the cowboy hat which should answer your question!

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Jewish New Year: What’s the meaning of Rosh Hashana and Rosh Hashana traditions?

When September rolls round you know the autumn is approaching, the beginning of the school year is near and for Jewish people, September means that Rosh Hashanah is soon to be upon them. What is Rosh Hashanah? “Rosh Hashanah” literally … Continue reading

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Tying the knot: Why do we say we tie the knot when we get married?

You hear your cousin gush about finally going to “tie the knot” with her boyfriend, and as you hear this, you automatically substitute “tie the knot” with “getting married” in your head. But if you pause for a minute, you … Continue reading

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Why marry? Why should I get married?

In our facebook generation, when you reach your mid-20s and thereafter you start noticing that your facebook feed becomes inundated with wedding photos and status changes. Getting married in your mid-20s isn’t something new. Back in Ancient Greece, men were … Continue reading

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